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Veracity Knows Your Business - Help Us Keep it That Way!

Veracity provides loan officers with the best bang for the buck. Our brokers get routine presentations and follow-up from both our outside and inside broker service divisions. Our reason why is simple... the more we know about your clients and your goals, the better we can customize our program to maximize your commissions.

For example, if you close a sub-prime loan, or if you work with a client who has had a bankruptcy, or if you plan to discuss a refi with a recent borrower in the future, every one of those prospects can be sent to Veracity for maintenance and qualification progress — we safeguard and improve your customers' data, prepare them for their first or second closing with you, then hand your clients right back to you when they're ready to close! Now your customers not only qualify for their first loan, you can keep your pipeline growing well into the future for a second closed loan!

Veracity also often helps loan officers and brokers who service investors, construction companies, commercial accounts, and "high end" borrowers as customers. Usually these individuals require an optimized credit rating over the long haul, and Veracity has excellent success in maintaining great FICO scores and optimized credit reports for these kinds of customers.

Whatever your focus is, Veracity can and will help make sure that our broker relations team provides you with customized services tailored to help you provide better service and satisfaction to all of your clients and mortgage prospects.

Give us a call today at 866.518.2190 or email your Broker Relations team to give us insight on how we can provide you with maximum benefits — and more closed loans!

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