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Credit Scores & Credit Reports
by Evan Hendricks - Free

Help your team, sister offices, and associates close more deals.

Credit repair has very serious benefits to the consumer — many companies now look at credit to determine eligibility for programs, services, and even job opportunities.

If you know of a friend, client, or family member you believe may benefit from our services, simply refer them to Veracity. Whether they are looking to buy a home or just need to clear up their report, our credit repair experts will be happy to talk to them and determine if Veracity can be of assistance.

Remember, we help brokers help their clients. Veracity works with thousands of loan offices in all fifty states to provide broker clientele with the benefits of credit repair. So if you have a friend in the business, consider giving them our contact info, or this web address. They will thank you for informing them of our services!
  • Brokers can refer clients past and present
  • Brokers can refer team members or sister offices
  • Everyone thanks you for informing them of this service!

To introduce others to our service, Email your Broker Relations Team!

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