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Credit Scores & Credit Reports
by Evan Hendricks - Free

Veracity Brokers - The Service

An Important Message to Colorado Brokers

Most credit reports contain errors. These mistakes can mean non-qualification, unattractive interest rates, and more work for you as a loan originator.

In short, your borrowers may not be qualifying for the loan package they want, and we can help. Your borrower enrolls with Veracity, we work on the account. For most clients, significant, "loan-closing improvement" can be achieved in six months.

Broker Services

Veracity takes you seriously. We work with your borrowers to improve their credit scores. We work with you, our partner - at no cost - to make sure you know "where they are at" in terms of your client pipeline and each prospect's qualification or eligibility. When the optimization is complete, you get a client that can qualify more easily for a smoother closing.

Borrower credit scores can see initial results in about 45 days and will continue updating from there as invalid credit data is contested and removed. Clients can close a loan as soon as you determine they qualify, and full optimization typically requires six months.

To get your clients started today, click here.

Client Services

Veracity's program is full-service for clients, as well. We help to unmask the mysteries of credit, advise clients on the best things to do for better credit, and handle the dirty work with the credit bureaus to make sure positive changes are made to invalid, inaccurate, or misleading data. Working with the credit bureaucracy requires aggressiveness and persistence, which Veracity undertakes on behalf of the client.

Aside from correcting items such as damaging inaccuracies on client reports, Veracity also establishes a proactive improvement program with the client, focusing on the following important credit score influences:

  • Revolving Credit Usage
  • Credit History Length
  • Recent Activity
  • Account Mix
  • Collection Resolution
  • Public Record Resolution
  • Account Pay-offs
  • Preparing for Financing

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