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Credit Scores & Credit Reports
by Evan Hendricks - Free

Help your qualifying clients enroll in Veracity credit repair.

Do you have one minute? That's all it takes to get your clients started!
  1. Tell your client the basics of the program, and why it's important to enroll.

  2. Send Veracity your client's credit reports and their contact phone number.

  3. We monitor your client's progress and keep you updated on progress.

It is crucial that you explain the importance of Veracity's credit optimization services to your clients. In short, better credit is a better loan offer. In referring your clients to Veracity, you help your clients get both! Because your clients are incubated by Veracity, you immediately gain a competitive advantage. With a unique point of contact for clients and brokers, everyone remains aware of progress and improvements.

Send Information:
To begin closing more loans, complete the Client Referral Sheet with your client. Fax the client referral sheet and your client's tri-merge to your Broker Relations team at (303) 893-4268, or send them via E-mail. Your service team will call the borrower, provide a full credit consultation, and get them started. We get to work immediately, and you remain in the loop via Veracity's scheduled reports and phone calls.

It's as easy as that. The more candidates you refer to Veracity, the bigger your pipeline. End result? You spend your time doing what you do best: closing more loans.

Our Broker Relations team will be in contact regularly. You'll know your clients' progress, and as a result, be ready to close the deal when the time is right!

If you need further updates, simply call (866) 518-2190, or request by email.

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