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Credit Scores & Credit Reports
by Evan Hendricks - Free

Costs and pricing information for the credit repair process.

We charge a one-time enrollment fee, depending on service levels, $69 or $99 for lifetime membership. If the clients cancels service and returns at a later date for refinancing or any other reason, there will be no additional setup charges.

The monthly fee for our service is $49 or $79, again tier-dependent, and is charged about 30 days after the enrollment date, then subsequently each additional month for the term that the client chooses to remain with us.

For couples we offer a $25 discount applied to the second enrollment. Because the credit bureaus view each individual as a unique entity our monthly fee is applied to each party.

The savings achieved with a lower-interest loan can easily offset the cost of our service in just one or two mortgage payments.
  • $69 or $99 Enrollment covers lifetime of client
  • $49 or $79/month per client covers repair services
  • Couples receive a $25 discount on the second enrollment fee
  • Costs, offset against interest savings, are minimal and easily explained

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