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Credit Scores & Credit Reports
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What the Mortgage Industry Thinks of Veracity...

"Veracity is the future of the mortgage industry — and the future has arrived."

Todd Lubar
15 Years of Top Production

Veracity is exactly the type of professional organization you want to stand behind you when working with challenged credit borrowers. Being able to deliver what you promise to your customer is extremely important in a referral-based business, and Veracity helps make that happen. Veracity has proven extremely impressive when I've referred clients to them for repair. Turn-around times are fast! Customer Service is expedient and courteous! The team of people working at Veracity is extremely knowledgeable and will help your clients get the work done so you can close your loan. It's also important that they educate your borrowers as to how credit works, which keeps their credit in good standing once it's been repaired."

Casey Moseman
Senior Mortgage Planner
Las Vegas Mortgage Lender

Veracity is the MVP on my team. They offer potential home buyers (and anyone) a professional, ethical and safe environment for credit repair and restoration.

Once I found Veracity (and I interviewed numerous "credit repair" companies) I have been able to help more clients realize the American Dream of home ownership. This has increased my business dramatically, not only with the consumer but also with Real Estate Professionals.

It is great not having to tell people "No" when they want to buy a home — I can look them in the eye and say "in 3-9 months you will be enjoying your own home if you use Veracity."

[My Veracity Support Team] has produced amazing results for numerous clients that may not have been able to purchase a home. For example, I have a client that went from a 540 score to a 640 score in less than 90 days. They thought they would be renting forever. We were able to provide them with 100% financing even with a bankruptcy. The smile on their faces at closing was unbelievable.

Veracity also was able to take a great client from 640 to 725 within 60 days enabling them to refinance their home and lower their rate by 1%, saving hundreds of dollars each month and tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. This client called me to report that because of the increase in credit score they were able to reduce the cost of their car and homeowners insurance, not to mention their credit card rates.

[My Veracity Support Team] has me looking like a "hero" to my clients. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the opportunity to earn your business.

Mark P. Friedman
Mortgage Planner
CTX Mortgage Company

We close domestic loans throughout the United States and have sources for international funding for commercial and investment properties, including acquisition & construction development loans as well as specializing in SBA Business loans both with and without real estate. Our commercial funding team can help our clients structure loan packages that will not only get approved, but also get them the very best ROI that we can get them.

As a result, the moment we discover a "credit challenged" borrower or client, we send them straight to Veracity. In our experience, Veracity provides the best credit repair system, period. By working with Veracity we can monitor the changes to our client's credit scenario and begin the formal process of loan submission far sooner than with any other credit repair firm.

Park Maguire
Loan Originator
16486 Bernardo Center Dr. Ste. 100 | San Diego, CA 92128
Direct: 858.245.0114 | Office: 858.592.0659
Lightning Commercial Funding, Inc.

To Whom It May Concern:

The following letter is to attempt to illustrate the benefits of the service that Veracity Credit has afforded me. Since I have become aware of Veracity credit my branch's production has greatly increased. By being just a little patient I have been able to take borrower's credit scores from below where I could fund a loan for them to actually getting them a great rate! The program was very easy and the Veracity customer service was outstanding. I just faxed in a credit report with some basic information on it and they took care of the rest. My customers that have gone through the Veracity process have remained more loyal to me because of the value that they have obtained with the service. I have noticed that I receive more referrals from clients that have had their credit improved by Veracity, and that is of great benefit to me! In short I am proud to recommend Veracity's service to any loan professional at any time!


Daniel L. Pate
Branch Director
Ocean Mortgage

At Wealth Resources Group, our clients often have unusual credit ratings due to their financial portfolio and the management and transition of their estates and assets. As investors with active and managed assets, wealth funds, and a strategy of stock investments that do not always follow a "buy and hold" model, they can artificially show "risk" with a credit profile reflecting what may be low-frequency, high-value borrowing with limited or thin personal ratings history.

Veracity can often assist with the removal of excessive inquiries, high or volatile revolving debt ratios, and seek to properly represent a fair and accurate profile of investors. Strong investments don't always result in a great credit rating - but they can.

Wealth Resources Group - Personal Fund and Asset Management Services

As a Certified Mortgage Planner, I take a "holistic" approach to helping my clients with their overall financial picture, looking at their current consumer debt such as credit cards, auto loans and student loans, as well as what they own or want to own in real estate. I also look at their future goals — retirement, college tuition set-asides, becoming debt-free, etc. Only then can I help my client decide what loan product will best meet their needs.

If I find that my client has credit issues, I always refer them to Veracity. The credit optimization services they provide are an outstanding professional service to my clients, and the combination of working to correct errors and consult on higher scores through other strategic means has worked for my clients time after time. Once my client is in a more accurate credit position, new doors open for them and we can finalize their planning and goals.

I make it a point to have a "team" of partners I can work with to improve my clients' lives, and I consider Veracity an important player on that team!

James Hussher
Certified Mortgage Planner

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