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Veracity Pipeline Management Program

Veracity's Pipeline Management Program

Want to close more loans? With Veracity, your applicants are tied to you as their credit improves, right up to the point where they're able to close the loan they need. Maximize your existing marketing, advertising, and maintenance dollars — capitalize on leads you already get... and convert more of them!

The Future of Your Business, Far and Near

Does next month sound far away? Too close? Either way, the future is better when you have deals in the pipe. After just a few months with Veracity, you'll be closing more loans, month after month — no extra cost, no hassles.

All you need to do is refer your "not ready" customers to Veracity. Whether you have repeat clients looking to refinance, borrowers with maturing ARMs, or non-qualifying applicants, Veracity can help you turn cold deals into cold, hard cash.

Veracity's Pipeline Management Program

We help keep your pipeline stacked well into the future. Optimized credit means your clients qualify for the loans they want to close. The process takes time... but not yours. Our staff has over a million hours of combined experience working to improve consumer credit ratings. We'll get your clients right back to you... informed, qualified, and ready to sign. At the same time, we'll give you updates and reports so you know when it's time to pull credit and sprint to the finish line.

To get started, call our Broker Relations department at 866.518.2190 to discuss your specific business needs and get your account initiated.

Also, now's your chance to glance over how to get your clients started today.

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