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Credit Scores & Credit Reports
by Evan Hendricks - Free

About Veracity Credit Consultants

Veracity Credit Consultants provides consumer credit optimization services, and assists brokers and their clients in closing home mortgage loans smoothly.

The Veracity program is designed specifically for the mortgage industry — loan officers and their clients. Because credit scores are a key to attractive loan offers, we work with thousands of top-performing mortgage brokers nationally, and continue to establish new relationships within the mortgage community on a daily basis.

As a National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB) supporter, Veracity is the only credit optimization company to be an official Industry Partner of NAMB (2007). Additionally, Veracity actively participates on NAMB's Credit Scoring Committee.

With accolades such as Inc. Magazine/ICIC's Inner City 100 - Companies to Watch award, an article in the Washington Business Journal on credible firms in the consumer credit consulting space, discussion in consumer advocate and FCRA expert witness Evan Hendricks' Credit Scores & Credit Reports, Veracity is the established market leader in providing credit optimization for the mortgage industry.

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