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An Important Message to Colorado Brokers

The "Credit Crunch" is upon us. Subprime is out, ARMs are repricing, and mortgage firms across the nation are struggling to adapt.

Building relationships, maintaining a healthy pipeline, and creating long-term opportunities from each applicant are no longer optional, they're critical.

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Veracity is your key to generating "borrowers for life" — we optimize credit for your borrowers, giving you the power of strong relationships and the ability to close loans with tightened requirements.

You provide value to your business and your borrowers, all at no cost to you and with no wasted time.

Take the Veracity tour, or give us a call at 1-866-518-2190.

Every Wednesday at 11am (MST), you're also welcome to join Veracity Broker Relations in our weekly conference call and webcast.

YES, contact me so I can close more loans and BEAT THE CRUNCH.

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